Heartbeat- Ep 01

The Day When They Met For The First Time

It was a summer evening and she was wearing white outfit. Being into a rough and challenging media industry it was hard for her to maintain a typical “girly” look. Her hair was all messed up though her friends helped her in putting up a decent makeup and did some tricks on her hair.

She was never scared of meeting new people coz it was normal for her. But this time something was different. She was getting ready.. all excited as her friends were passing out crazy comments and taunts on her first meeting with him.

Suddenly she got a message that he’ll be late by 45mins approx.. She felt bad but still waited for him. Her heart beat was taking up the tempo and she scrolled through his previous text messages and was imagining how this date will turn around. “Tedening” another message popped up- Meet me near “Westside”.. Suddenly there was an extreme crescendo of her heart beat and she was unknown of this new rhythm.

She was more than excited and rushed towards the gates to see him. He was in his white car- apparently she found it weird that he didn’t step out to greet her. Come-on man... it’s the first time of their meeting. Anyway..lets continue with the story..

So... ignoring his lack of etiquette (perhaps unintentional).. she stepped inside the car with lots of questions in her mind. Her heart beat was still out of control and she felt some unusual rhythm in it- “God..what is happening??” she questioned herself. There was some connection she felt instantly but she tried to calm her veins down and prefer to go with the flow.

They started chatting. 

Her man was looking outstanding in his blue t-shirt and seemed very friendly to her. She giggled a bit but then tried to calm her veins coz his aura was not allowing her to open up her true crazy self. His blue eyes was mesmerizing her and she could barely speaking coz her heart beat was playing the tune of happiness. She was just enjoying his company and observing his thoughts about life.. about his aspiration to buy a cruiser bike.. about his expectations to give her the first ride..

After a long search they finally got a place to sit and chat. It was CCD lounge if I remember clearly.. You’ll find out soon why they met... Keep reading..

So they started chatting about their expectations from their life partner.. (well..well.. it seems to me like an “official first time meeting”... but let me break it down for you.. They are mindful enough to meet without parents.. after all its their life’s decisions) Their conversation started and she was felt like listening to his thoughts all through the day..

Her heart beat was playing the rhythm of merry making even though nothing was sure. She pitched in with her thoughts about what she is and what are her expectations. This made him take a back foot coz he felt little bit low in profile.. But she was firm in her words and thoughts that she believe in growth and if he is willing to work towards growing then things can fall in place smoothly.

She seems to me like a brave independent woman with a sound brain on her shoulder. She is not one of those girls who get fascinated with the richness of a person. 

Let’s see what happens next.... Stay tuned to heart beat...


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