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Like We Never Ever Ever Shared Before

This is was, i wasn't prepared for. Like its dark without stars on.. And I am left like, nothing we ever shared before..
Yea.. Like we never ever ever shared before..
I was shattered, but seems it doesn't matter to you. feeling it was my fault. Like it was my fault..
You never ever ever hugged me.. to make me feel like something to you.. n I kept guessing.. where was I went wrong..
But then I started spiraling, like an insecure, illusionist, crazy darling and then you started running, and left like, nothing we ever shared before
Yea.. Like we never ever ever shared before..
There are millions reasons, why I should give you up. but the heart wants what it wants..
- Kriti Nagar (#KR)

This Is How The STORY Unveils

Our life turns out to be who we were and how we managed to get through the toughest hours of our life. It is not the aura of our present that defines us, but I strongly believe that “incidents” in our life give us the real NAME.

It has been said that our present is just a link to the chain of our life. We are never sure what it will be, until we turn around to look back the chain of incidents that has made what we are today.
As a child, I was always inclined to do cultural activities in my school, but ironically the stage never liked me. Ever! 
I still remember, every time when I went up to the stage, it gave me humiliation for some or the other reason. Sometimes I acted the entire scene unaware that the microphone was at the other side of the stage and the audience used to have a good laugh on my goof up. 
I still remember the day when I participated in my school charity function (As I always had a soft corner for helping the needy), and to everyone’s surprise, I participated in all …