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Heartless Mumbai??

This is a story of a small town girl who has given wings to her dreams. Her innocence is as pure as a morning dew. Her dreams are sacred to her like a morning prayers. Fighting with odds she made up her mind and packed her bags for Mumbai.
She was unstoppable until Mumbai has shown its real face. Her only fault that she trusted someone as he was also from the same town. She felt like she found someone known in the crowd of the unknown.
He promised her to help her out to find a decent place to live. She trusted and gave all her hard earned money for the rent; and then the dark night came when she found her self with all her luggage on the streets of Mumbai.. Why?? coz this guy never came.. he never called.. his phone was switched off...
She never imagined that Mumbai can be so harsh to her aspiration. 
I understand that people are bad.. they do bad things to good people.. but its so heartrending that people can even deceive someone who is struggling already. 
My question is  Are we sti…