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Things Changes

Things changes..Yes, indeed it does..
It’s a simple law that revolves around us..
But do not know why things are changing so fast..
AM I WALKING SLOWLY.. Or things were not exactly as I had thought about..
There were no Commitments.. Nothing as such..
No promises of being there in joys & sorrows..
Still there was something.. Do not know what..
That joined them with a knot of trust..
Things were already totally different..Like the two sides of a coin.. Those that cannot come along..Though they even did not make an effort for the same..
They used to feel empty without a day’s conversation..Now things are not the same.. Same may be the days but not those two sides of that coin..

A Silent empty joy may fall from the eyes of one..but that’s not known to the other..

Voice of the Un-heard

Tears are the Unspoken words which comes directly from the heart. They say those things which even words can't express.

Few weeks back i had experienced the power of tears which makes me shiver even today.Every moment it makes me realize that i am the only reason for their tears. This is what i don't want to carry throughout my life..THE GUILT IS STILL THERE..EMBEDDED DEEP INSIDE THE CRUST OF MY HEART.. I just wanted to be the reason of their Smile..but..but..

Actually..during my internships at Allahabad,i came across the biggest truth which India as a whole is carrying along for years.Its the hunger..the scream..the pain of a child for FOOD Clothing and Shelter..The basic necessity of life..
About 10 to 15 families from Sonbhadra, largest district of Uttar Pradesh,India had migrated to Allahabad or rather i can say that they had been forced to leave their home and land. Now their condition is worst than Street dogs [Very sorry for using this kind of language but its the rea…