Why Advertising Agencies Are Important?

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Why Advertising Agencies Are Important?All businesses rely on marketing and advertising for its success, growth and most important SURVIVAL. But advertising in the dynamic world of today is a hard nut to crack. For ages, business owners have understood the importance of hiring an Advertising Agency to be the masters of the market. They don’t just wish to have an advertising agency- they NEEDED ONE. Having an advertising agency on a retainership basis is like having a cook at your disposal all the time. A cook who can make mouthwatering cuisines as per your requirement. Same goes with an advertising agency- They are just a call away and are ready to take up the communication challenges and provide you with the best and most effective solutions. Having an advertising agency is a necessity in today’s time as there are countless brands in the ma…

Promotional video production companies in Delhi NCR

Promotional video production companies in Delhi NCR Kraction Films
Videos come in many shapes and sizes, from a simple iPhone video to all the way up to major Bollywood/Hollywood films. For most videos, there are too many moving parts to leave your process to chance.
Anytime a company in this industry is going to produce a video, they will need to undergo a three-step process with any of the available media & entertainment solutions. 

VIDEO MAKING PROCESS The making of videos has three important stages that are necessary for completion. With these three stages, companies will complete a number of tasks that will gradually contribute to a finished video being made. The most important of all the three stages in video production is pre-production- if a crew works more on pre-production then the following video production process becomes very easy.
What is video production? Video production is more than simply pressing the record button on your video camera. Video production is much m…

Why traditional advertising is not helping you

Traditional advertising is an outdated concept now. Let’s be real- ain’t nobody got time to listen to boring video that is just “bragging” about how good THEY ARE.. it worked in stone age.. LoL OR when we just had Doordarshan and DD Metro.. (Some might not understand what I am trying to say- it’s not your fault.. you were born late..)

So.. basically when we had Doordarshan and DD metro as the sole source of consuming entertainment, we had not much choice to watch the TV commercials they used to run that time. Coz dahh.. we couldn’t fast forward or switch channels.
But.. but.. but.. Now we have so many options.. 900+ TV channels.. Facebook, YouTube, Instagram, Linkedin, Twitter and what not.. So why do you think people will invest 10-15mins of their time to watch you “BRAG” about how wonderful YOUR PRODUCT is.. I mean WHY.. They have their own issues to deal with.. ;)  
Can I be real baby.. these days people just want to watch stuff that can make them feel that YOU CARE… ABOUT THEM..

How to GROW YOUR BUSINESS with Online Video

Let's review the fact about having a video for your business. First, we are living in a digital era where every person carries smart phone and has an access to the thing called the internet. Internet is a very dangerous place as a person can look for anything to everything (you know what I mean.. Just kidding; Although that's true). Anyways, the thing I want to tell you is that you may have very brilliant business idea and working well offline with your known clients/customers. But when it comes to the new ones. You may have a very great cold call and they may be ready to pull the trigger. But suddenly they look for your business and they couldn't find any impactful content. You may have a beautifully design website; filled with thousands of words. But who reads that much.

So, having a video for your business these days, is not just a Luxury it has become a necessity now.

1. Create a "Memorable Brand" through video
It has been said that the best product doesn…

How to Promote and Brand Yourself

In today's time everything revolves around promotion. The success and failure of any venture or idea depends upon how well you have promoted it. Coz lets face it.. if people don't know about you or your business.. then you loose the possible opportunity. Obscurity is the biggest problem..Number one problem in today's time..
Whenever people google about your nature of business then your name should come up. If that is not happening you are going to blame the market. People should know about you and your business.

That is why I have listed 4 key habits on How to Promote and Brand Yourself
1- Become a source of relevant information.

People should call you for expert advice. They need to trust you on your ideas and suggestions. If you keep yourself updated then, my friend, congratulations.. you are already taken the first step towards building your personal brand.
2- Get your story straight. Everyone is a hero in their own life.

So, like any origin story, yours will shed light …


As the time passes by, I feel that I am blessed. I feel that the fighter in me is still alive.
Life will give you many reasons to quit. It could be failure or could be people around you, who are telling you that your goals are unrealistic.
But let me tell you one thing..
I know the path you follow may not be a bed of roses.. there will be disappointment.. There will be pressure.. Arguments.. telling you to slow down.. but you need to know that this is the exact moment when you have to find your inner strength.. your fire.. to just keep moving forward..
When I started my film production company, Kraction Films, I had zero capital and I didn’t know much about how to network with like-minded people who can collaborate and can give me opportunity to show my skills.
I am not ashamed to admit that initially I didn’t have money to build my website or design my business card. So, I used the resources that are free and available to me.. That is social media.. Facebook and Linkedi…

Heartless Mumbai??

This is a story of a small town girl who has given wings to her dreams. Her innocence is as pure as a morning dew. Her dreams are sacred to her like a morning prayers. Fighting with odds she made up her mind and packed her bags for Mumbai.
She was unstoppable until Mumbai has shown its real face. Her only fault that she trusted someone as he was also from the same town. She felt like she found someone known in the crowd of the unknown.
He promised her to help her out to find a decent place to live. She trusted and gave all her hard earned money for the rent; and then the dark night came when she found her self with all her luggage on the streets of Mumbai.. Why?? coz this guy never came.. he never called.. his phone was switched off...
She never imagined that Mumbai can be so harsh to her aspiration. 
I understand that people are bad.. they do bad things to good people.. but its so heartrending that people can even deceive someone who is struggling already. 
My question is  Are we sti…