As the time passes by, I feel that I am blessed. I feel that the fighter in me is still alive.

Life will give you many reasons to quit. It could be failure or could be people around you, who are telling you that your goals are unrealistic.

But let me tell you one thing..


I know the path you follow may not be a bed of roses.. there will be disappointment.. There will be pressure.. Arguments.. telling you to slow down.. but you need to know that this is the exact moment when you have to find your inner strength.. your fire.. to just keep moving forward..

When I started my film production company, Kraction Films, I had zero capital and I didn’t know much about how to network with like-minded people who can collaborate and can give me opportunity to show my skills.

I am not ashamed to admit that initially I didn’t have money to build my website or design my business card. So, I used the resources that are free and available to me.. That is social media.. Facebook and Linkedin helped me find the right people.. People who can give me business..

From the first pay cheque I have bought the domain name and hosting for my website.. Though I don't know much about web-designing and all..I googled and designed my Website- and Business card from my own.. I believe in saving 80% of the profits I earn.. :)

Being an introvert and in "showbiz".. I had to overcome my fear of speaking to new people.. I taught myself everything. Now only my childhood friends can make out the difference. As new people can’t make out that I used to be a big time introvert.

My path was also not a bed full of roses.. There were times when I couldn’t find good video direction projects, that can inspire me to work. So yes, I know how it feels like when you have just enough money to get 1 meal in the whole day. Just to save money, I used to walk for about 6 km up and down to attend business meetings.. with a hope to find project that can inspire me.

Why am I telling you all this?

Well, just to remind you that... you have a DREAM.. You go out of your comfort zone to make it a REALITY..

As far as I am concerned..


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  1. hello mam that's vry nice and inspired story
    love it thnqq


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