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How to GROW YOUR BUSINESS with Online Video

Let's review the fact about having a video for your business. First, we are living in a digital era where every person carries smart phone and has an access to the thing called the internet. Internet is a very dangerous place as a person can look for anything to everything (you know what I mean.. Just kidding; Although that's true). Anyways, the thing I want to tell you is that you may have very brilliant business idea and working well offline with your known clients/customers. But when it comes to the new ones. You may have a very great cold call and they may be ready to pull the trigger. But suddenly they look for your business and they couldn't find any impactful content. You may have a beautifully design website; filled with thousands of words. But who reads that much.

So, having a video for your business these days, is not just a Luxury it has become a necessity now.

1. Create a "Memorable Brand" through video
It has been said that the best product doesn…