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What are we doing..!!

What are we doing..!!

If we all have given our present government all the rights to make decisions.. then why we are not showing confidence and respect to our government..

In 2009, the UPA won a convincing 262 seats with INC alone winning 206 seats. Its all because of us who have made them serve our Nation, and now we all are opposing them to such a great extend. I am not saying that the demand for the amendment in the Lok Pal Bill is unjust, but the way we all are behaving is totally not accepted by me.

Its actually like India Vs. India..which should be India Vs. Corruption..

Media is no doubt helping to enlighten general public about the conditions prevaling now a days, but somewhere down the line, we are refraining the golden rule of reporting .i.e. truth and fairness.

Media in a true sense must report on all the aspect of any prevaling conditions, without giving extra emphasis on any one of the aspects.

I am not at all opposing the provisions of the Jan Lok Pal Bill but all i am sa…